My teachers told me that i would be dip glazing my ceramic pots with the standard white transparent glaze. As it was dip glazing I also thought that there must be more innovative ways to use the techniques. Though i would not  being using any in my current project i still wanted to explore the technique and the quite ovoid use of colour blending in.   

MTO modren pottery bowl

Marie torbensdatter hermann


"Leaven ceramic" is an ancient clay pottery making technique. Pottery is formed by hands, heated in a wood-fired kiln and dipped into leaven liquid before cooling. This specific process results in unique patterns, texture and colors, different every time.

Honey comb design studio

double dip over clay -black and then translucent

Potter Vases Collection

Sierrayb vasacu

Vasa Cups —  “Slip cast ceramic cups with a faceted surface that makes it easy to hold. The cups come in plain matte white as well as colors of dipped glaze.”

Emily Reinhard's studio

The Eindhoven based studio rENs, Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren, like to choose their own methods but actively pursue collaboration. Spontaneity is important in their process, yet extensive research precedes getting down to work.

Jacqui Ramrayka



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