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While working up with resin, when I decided to put the natural elements in resin .I started to look for a way to arrange them and   and what other natural artists have done and how they have created patters with the natural substances. My favourite one the the insects one as it was real insects where as other designer have made prints ,wall papers and textiles by arranging the flora  and fauna in the designed and designed fashion .The second thing that i had to look was way was the purpose behind their occurrence in the particular arrangement. what would would the arrangement symbolise and dignity.what is the reason for the specific flowers or insects to be used? dose it have a meaning that it conveys.

Delias Consummatus in Black

There is no other genus of butterfly that exhibits such variety within a particular color palette like the Delias.  There are over 200 described species, but almost all are colored in black, white, red and yellow.    These colors advertise their unpalatability to most predators.   As many of the most attractive Delias species are exceedingly rare, Delias Consummatus is a once in a lifetime acquisition. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/30x40-delias-consummatus-in-black/#sthash.M9ycg4uj.dpuf

The Limited Mosaic advances with the Mosaic Prism.  Adding a prismatic texture to the unparalleled natural variety and vivid coloration of the Limited Mosaic, the Mosaic Prism is perhaps the most captivating Mosaic yet.  Species incorporated are found in all six inhabited continents, making this piece a singular representation of the glorious and still unheralded beauty to be found in the natural world.



The most beautiful and recognizable New World carnivorous plants are the pitcher plants of the genus Sarracenia. They inhabit swamps and wetlands particularly in the Southeastern United States, but some species range to the West Coast and North into Canada. Their famed consumption of insects and even small vertebrates like tree frogs is essential to providing needed NUTRIENTS that are often lacking in the acidic soil in which they thrive. The Sarracenia I work with come exclusively from conservatories in the East and the cutting of their tube-like leaves does not harm the plants. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/32x40-pitcher-plant-mosaic/#sthash.LTcbyIfR.dpuf

A superlative piece comprised solely of one of the most richly adorned Odonata in the world. Nearly 50 specimens of this exceedingly unknown damselfly found in a single extremely remote location in the Philippines form perfect, successive diamonds and a sea of deep azure. As is the case with most rare arthropods, this species is plentiful in its native habitat, but its habitat is remote, inaccessible and unpopulated making human interaction rare indeed. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/30x40-azure-damselfly-diamonds/#sthash.u1Fj4Xn0.dpuf

This world class collection of Stag beetles includes specimens from the most striking Lucaniidae species on the planet.  Specimens were culled from one of the most impressive private collections in existence, making this a singular piece never to be duplicated without parallel.   Stag beetles are found on all six inhabited continents, but the vast majority of true trophy specimens are either bred in Japan or caught in Indonesia. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/30x40-limited-stag-beetle-mosaic/#sthash.ay8NkZSz.dpuf

Another species in the family of whites and sulphers, Phoebis philea is a common butterfly that ranges through much of South America.   It is much more richly colored than most of its pale Latin relatives and its deeper coloration is much more durable.  Solar is a perfect choice for brightening up a ROOM or for keeping an eye on springtime year round. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/16x20-solar-ellipse-in-white/#sthash.Sw9JOMlS.dpuf

The Pachyrrhynchus family of weevils is so ornately adorned and intricately arrayed that the casual obsever may not realize they are not manufactured. Nowhere else in the natural world are seemingly superfluous decorations so profuse and so man-made in appearance. This was my impetus in creating a piece that is uncharacteristically organic. I usually prefer the energy of order and symmetry imposed on wildly organic creatures. But these weevils are so synthetic in appearance that it seemed like a stereotype to have them motionless and symmetrical. - See more at: https://www.pheromonegallery.com/products/11x14-walking-weevils/#sthash.e1AhxQZn.dpuf



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