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Calthrope Project Full story


The nurseries had a large collection of outdoors and indoor plants.As the flowering season prevails the majority of plants were  flowering plants along with the stagnant evergreen plants the grow around the year. 

The stores caters for a wide domain of garden pots,ceramics ,furniture,along with different colour combinations, candle stands and garden equipment .

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 i learnt from the horticulturist present there that each plant has different water requirements-some have to be watered daily ,some thrice a week ,some twice and some of them everyday.All the herbs can be grown both inside and  outside.t

he plant only grows and stays if it gets proper care- the care consists of watering it as per specific requirements,taking away the decayed flowers and leaves(so that the new ones can get space to grow and the old ones don't spoil the new once.) 



 The indoor plans have a separate section.It even caters for terrariums.A range of cactuses some hanging plants,creepers and a variety of plants that grow around the year.

a range of home accessories 

I really liked the in season -easter eggs displayed it had a mix of packaging ,display and a leaves headed tree.


It has a cafe that is run by the vegetables produced in the graden other than that serves a few types of cakes and teas .

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they have growing and planting sessions where the kids and the elder people come in and take care of the existing plants and sow some new ones.

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a lot of activities were planed and scheduled for kinds an adults in which one can enrol. the people living close by have a great access to these activities and events.a lot of other passer by can enjoy the hop in enjoy what cafe offers along with the environmental surroundings.


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